Graeme T-Gill's DEV Community Profile

In 1999 I did my first Hello World! That was in Java, right at the beginning of a Computer Science MSc. (Conversion) course and after taking a BSc. in Biology as a mature student.

After battling away with my first programming language I then spent some time working with data in the plant science world, so tech in the form of MySQL and Perl, but not really web dev. During this time I gradually moved more into web dev, converting a table based layout site into a site that used CSS for layout – the beginning of the modern web I like to think.

I moved on to using Content Management Systems such as Drupal and WordPress and then MVC frameworks like CodeIgnitor, and even Squarespace.

And now

I have been working as a freelance web developer since November 2020.

I build websites of all sizes from single to multi-page brochure sites for individuals and businesses with an option to include a fully functioning online shop.

Tech wise I’m working on improving my knowledge and experience of Javascript and I’ve started learning frameworks and content platforms such as Gatsby, Sanity, React and Redwood.js. I also still work in WordPress and Drupal.