I live and work in Ashdown Forest, Sussex, UK and have over 20 years of web and software development experience working for small and large organisations.

I like to work as locally as possible with a focus primarily on local businesses, non-profits, charities and individuals.

I offer a full website management service for existing sites and can build new single page poster style web sites or larger multi-page brochure style and business sites, with the option of including a fully functioning online shop.

If you’re local then I am very happy to meet face to face with you to discuss a project. Please contact me initially at info@graemetgweb.com.

Graeme T-Gill

Email me at info@graemetgweb.com

Website management and updates

Keep your site fresh

To keep your website up to date, current, secure, legal and working optimally I run a website management service. This can operate on an hourly basis which can be broken down into 15 minute blocks if preferred. I am very flexible so can also set up half day or daily blocks of time at reduced costs.

This could range from simple text and image content updates, new pages and new features, right up to full site development and management. – see more details below.

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Hourly and Day rate guide

1 hour

This could include, for example, minor text changes, announcements, adding and publishing a new blog, or adding new images or sections.

1 day

You may want to improve on your site over a period of time, adding additional pages or features such as real-time chat for example. This could also include such things as a monthly SEO and site analytics review.

Full site management?

More frequent updates and general ongoing site development and maintenance.

Here is a more detailed breakdown and approximate estimation of some possible tasks and requirements:

15 minutes

  • Minor text updates
  • Announcement on website
  • Add 1-2 images
  • Add a sponsor’s logo
  • Add 1 product to an e-commerce shop
  • Social media post

30 minutes

  • Longer form text updates
  • Add 3-5 images
  • Add 2-3 products to an e-commerce shop
  • Send a newsletter – content and images provided by you
  • Add a short gallery of images
  • 2 or 3 social media posts

45 minutes

  • Create a new section on a website
  • Carry out a basic search engine optimisation review of site
  • Carry out a basic accessibility assessment of site
  • Carry out a basic site speed review of site

1 hour

  • Create a new web page on a website
  • Set up Google Business presence
  • Add a new blog – content and images provided by you
  • Set up Google analytics to measure site visitors and behaviour

New site builds

I also offer one-off uniquely crafted sites built at a fixed cost. When the new site is up and running I don’t charge a regular monthly fee, just the fixed cost for the new site and a small annual charge to cover ongoing hosting costs.

My step by step process

1. What kind of website do you need?

At this stage we will establish your requirements,, your ideas and your budget. I can meet with you to discuss your business website ideas or project so that I can gain a better understanding.

2. My proposal to build your site

I will now put together a written quote outlining a number of site build options for you to choose from and the costs. At this stage we can have a further discussion to finalise the details and then if you are happy we can proceed.

3. I will now build your site

I will now go ahead and build the site. If you haven’t already provided me with any images and text content that you have then you can send these to me now. I can set up a temporary private web address so that you can see the progress of the site build.

4. Sign off and site launch

When we are both happy with the site we can make it live.

5. Full Training for content editors

If you have chosen to manage the content yourself then your editors will need need a little training. I provide full training to enable this.

6. Ongoing maintenance

If you require ongoing maintenance or just occasional updates then we can discuss this once the site is live.

My pricing


From £300

See Example site

Optimised for Google Search

Edit own text and images

Full Training Provided


From £500

See Example Tea Rooms business

Optimised for Google Search

Edit own text and images

Full Training Provided

Site Traffic Analysed

Online Shop

From £700

See Example Online Shop

Optimised for Google Search

Edit own text, images and products

Full Training Provided

Site Traffic Analysed

Products added